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Pinup Studio Pricing: Hair Color

Nov 29

As kids there were many friends who's mother or grandmother was cosmetologist. They would change their hair color and cut for no cost because of the affection they had for their grandchildren. It's hard to find someone who can offer the same kind of care as your grandparents is, which makes it difficult to shell out a lot of money for hairdressing. In this post, you'll learn about alternatives to paying more for your Pinup Studio Hair Color and Cutting Services!

What is the price of hair color at Pinup Studio?

If you're in search of a way to change up your hairstyle and bring new energy to your style, then hair color may be the perfect solution. But, with all the possible options which one to choose from, how do you decide what one is best for you?

Let's take a look at the most popular choices at the Pinup Studio to help decide which color hair you'd like to wear.

Pinup Studio Hair Color: Highlights and Ombres

One of the most popular hair colors offered on Pinup Studio is highlights. Highlights can bring an energy and brightness to your hair and also add dimension and depth. Our ombre service is a great alternative if you're looking to make your hair lighter. Through the process of transitioning your hair from lighter to darker shades in time, you'll be able to create natural-looking highlights.

Hair Color taken from Pinup Studio: Permanent vs Temporary Hair Colors

Permanent hair colors are widely used by many, but there are those who prefer the versatility and ease of temporary colors. With temporary hair colors, you can change your hair color in a flash without having to dye your entire head of hair each time. The temporary hair color can also be used to rapidly change to the original color when you need to do this.

What does Pinup Studio charge for cutting?

Pinup Studio offers many hair color options starting at $75 for a simple single-process color. Double-process colors start at $130 and prices go up from the point of purchase. For highlights or a completely new style, the cost increases from $250 to $300 for highlights, and $400 for a complete new look. Prices vary based on the type of service needed: cut, cut or both.

What is the price of Blow Dry?

Are you searching for a salon that offers color services for your hair? Pinup Studio is a hair salon that offers color services. Pinup Studio has more than 20 years of experience and will help you choose the right shade to match your hair. Prices start at $45 per wash, and can go up to $225 for an all-color treatment. You can also avail to add highlights or fresh cut.

What should you anticipate to spend on your First Visit?

Pinup Studio is a great place to go if you want an establishment that offers an atmosphere that is comfortable. The prices are affordable, and the staff is courteous and professional. Haircuts and color services costs around $45

Are you interested in an appointment? If so then when do you have the opportunity to schedule one?

If you'd like to book an appointment for a hair color at Pinup Studio, we would be more than happy to take your request! From Monday to Saturday, 10am-6pm; Sunday 12pm-5pm. We often have availability for same-day appointments, but it is best to call ahead for confirmation.


Looking to get your hair color done by Pinup Studio? To see the costs of hair color, read our price guide. You'll be able to see the costs associated with each type of hair color as well as the amount of time it'll take to allow your hair to fully recover and be back to the original color.

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