Adult lockdown classes for dwelling education


Much has been done recently to offer online classes for kids stuck at home, from Oak Academy to BBC Bitesize. Less attention is paid to the online adult education program that arose in Parliament and on Twitter, as we quickly learn more about topics as diverse as the 25th amendment to the US Constitution and Belgian contract law.

With so many important issues to keep track of alongside our daily jobs, many fear forgetting what to learn at any given point in time. As a service to readers, The House Magazine prides itself on presenting the daily lockdown learning schedule for adults.

Sunday? Tuesday? Radio stations wake up their listeners with the news that it’s actually kind of Thursday.


Wake up you sheep!

with Toby Young

Morning email writer Young explains his latest virus transmission theories with the expertise and confidence only an Oxford PPE degree can give you.


What fresh hell is that?

with Alex Wickham

Find out about last night’s disasters with a pun email from Politico delivered through a paragraph you quickly scroll past.


Actually, I got the numbers a little wrong, but the theory is sound.

with Toby Young

Sorry, not really a morning person. Take two zeros from the end. Or maybe add them, I’ll get in touch with you.


Escape and evade

with Mishal Husain

Listen as the Minister of the Morning goes through his steps on Radio 4, trying not to bother with questions at all.


Hilarious stories

with Robert Jenrick and Lisa Nandy

The community secretary and shadow foreign secretary work together to guide viewers through a full list of glorious moments in British history that they could agree on.


Music: Sea Shanties

with Pete Wishart

When will the Wellerman come and who is he and does he know how many boys and men are three dots and ten? The former Runrig keyboardist answers your questions and explains that the answer to any question is a second independence referendum.


Play school

with Gavin Williamson

Schools will conduct a mass testing program through the round window. Through the first place they will learn completely from a distance. Which one will it be? Host Gavin hopes to find out before airtime.

11:30 a.m.

Fact or fake

with Desmond Swayne

The white-headed Tory MP asks government scientists to explain vaccines to him. (To repeat.)


We were very clear

with the official spokesman for the Prime Minister

Not a pure lesson as no one is likely to learn anything but dial into the daily lobby briefing to listen to the country’s top journalists being told the Prime Minister’s office has nothing to add to what they have already said, that they are not I will not go back to what you said and that the Prime Minister’s words speak for themselves.


Moral philosophy

with Ursula von der Leyen

Can we change the rules as we wish? The President of the EU Commission discusses theoretical scenarios in which executives who have messed things up might be entitled to misbehave in order to fix it. Simultaneous translation available.

Blogger Toby Young investigates whether the hospitals are really full by asking his Twitter followers.

If I add half a million teachers to the pool of people in need of vaccines in a week, how many people do I displace who otherwise would have received the vaccine that week?


Socratic dialogues for the ages

Dan Hodges and Peter Hitchens examine the profound complexities of lockdown policy in a Twitter Spat Without Borders, now in its fourth month.


Who is Laurence Fox?

with Laurence Fox

Apparently he was a buddy on a spin-off of something, but he’s no longer. And he was married to someone, but he’s not anymore. And his uncle was into something. Doesn’t he have a somewhat surprising brother-in-law? I don’t think he’s related to Liam. Or the fantastic Mr. Half an Hour trying to understand why there are so many articles about him that work solely from those articles. Continuation of the series.


Win at PowerPoint

with Chris Whitty (left)

Chief Medical Officer Whitty, left, talks about his fondness for tiny fonts and multiple images on a single screen. Could we have the next slide, please?


The shameful silence of Toby Young

with Toby Young

The inventor of free speech, Toby Young, tackles the curious case of Toby Young, a little-known 21st century scientist whose insights into virus testing have been suppressed by a fearful government. With Young’s biographer Toby Young.


Personal, social and health education

with Neil O’Brien

After updating the class on which teachers to ignore, O’Brien will participate in a live discussion with Julia Hartley-Brewer entitled, “Who do you call a bully? You might want to go outside and say that. “


Robert Peston examines:
The moon landings

How come you saw the flag flutter? And if Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon to film him coming down the steps, what? ITV’s political editor calls the Ministry of Transport looking for answers.

  • Build a wave machine with Priti Patel
  • Ethics in Journalism with Kemi Badenoch
  • Technology class from Boris Johnson (viewer discretion recommended)