White Tears Alert: St. Louis gun couple sues photographer for ‘extreme emotional misery’


Not a nasty shirt

Effectively, the aggro Missouri marital workforce say that United Press Worldwide (UPI) photographer Invoice Greenblatt’s pictures have added to the “vital nationwide recognition and infamy” of the 2 McCloskeys. In line with the McCloskeys, amongst different points, Greenblatt’s photographs have been utilized in Redbubble merchandising of t-shirts and espresso mugs, utilizing their likeness with out consent. Extra importantly, the couple says that these pictures and their accompanying meme-ing has induced them “humiliation, mental anguish, and severe emotional distress.”

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch studies that the lawsuit additionally casts the couple as the true victims right here, alleging that the photographer and press company “acted outrageously and past all affordable bounds of decency, with their conduct considered atrocious and insupportable by any member of a civilized society.” The couple is searching for the picture to stop being utilized in any capability, in addition to demanding damages.

Being a bunch of litigious snowflakes could be very a lot part of the McCloskey household crest. They’ve a long history of being tremendous assholes, horrific neighbors, and legal bullies.